06 Mar, 2024


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The Rise of the Developer

Time moves swiftly onward...It has already been more than three years since a significant shift in the global work environment and technology trends. Looking back from a safe time distance, one of the several positive impacts of this period was the explosion of the Everything-as-a-Service trend.

The EaaS explosion has caused a domino effect, creating an unseen burst in demand for Developer talent. At the same time, the virtualization of the workplace has contributed to establishing the #remotefirst as the standard norm of engagement.

The two trends above enabled Developers to enter a global borderless professional world and get exposed to unseen opportunities to participate in the global innovation movement. The Global Citizen became a de-facto reality, and the Developer became the Royalty in the global job market.

Salesforce, the “Tour de Force” behind global equality and sustainability trends

In 1999 Salesforce has launched the first Software-as-a-Service solution, setting effectively the foundations for today’s Everything-as-a-Service movement.

The trend of innovation and growth has contributed to what is now called a Salesforce Economy. The latest IDC study finds that Salesforce Economy, Powered by AI, will create a net gain 11.6M jobs and $2.02T in business revenues by the end of 2028.

Salesforce is strategically looking to tap the world's talent in delivering EaaS innovation, creating fascinating and highly rewarding career opportunities across the globe. The not-so-much-spoken consequence is enabling redistribution of wealth, supporting the global movement for equality and sustainability.

Why become a Salesforce Developer?

Forbes describes Salesforce as “The Need of the Hour” technology giant. Many companies, irrespective of their scale of operation and industry, require competent Salesforce professionals to help them deliver their Everything-as-a-Service offerings.

It is simple economics that higher demand equates to higher prices, so no surprise that Salesforce Consultants are exposed to more exciting project opportunities and better rewards.

Even more important is the Future-proof label associated with Salesforce. Learning Salesforce helps technology professionals accumulate skills that will keep them ahead of the innovation saturation curve and, as such, maintain rewarding advantages over other commodity technology professionals.

Who is codeSTREETS?

codeSTREETS is a Dutch-Macedonian company founded by several experienced investors and IT professionals. It is 100% focused on the Salesforce ecosystem, contributing to the larger Salesforce Economy and sharing the same Salesforce values.

Our slogan “The Digital Race is ON” , summarizes our view on the state of the new economy, where geographical boundaries are no longer an impeding factor, and the importance of using the right technologies to stay competitive on the local and global market is simply something that cannot be neglected.

The company's headquarters is in the most beautiful city in Europe, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. In addition to the Center of Excellence in Skopje, Macedonia, codeSTREETS has established a strong network with like-minded partners in Europe, embracing the Global Citizen concept.

codeSTREETS is the first Salesforce Registered Partner in Macedonia. This unique privilege allows codeSTREETS to execute exciting project activities with and on behalf of Salesforce across Europe.

codeSTREETS F0TH: The 100 days global career FastTrack

codeSTREETS F0TH is a unique career FastTrack program that focuses on learning from the best Salesforce professionals in Macedonia. codeSTREETS F0TH is part of the larger codeSTREETS Young Professional Program, a targeted professional development program focusing on Salesforce cloud technologies and products. The program is also a starting point for exciting career development opportunities with codeSTREETS.

codeSTREETS F0TH provides a hands-on Salesforce Development learning experience for Young Professionals interested in a Salesforce Developer career journey. By joining the program, you will learn how to develop and manage Salesforce solutions and understand why Salesforce is the #1 Development Platform. codeSTREETS experts will guide you through your career progression as a Salesforce Developer by providing practical assignments and active mentoring. As part of the journey to becoming a Certified Salesforce Developer you will be assigned unique projects, work with a team of professionals, and become familiar with the Agile development model.

Our learning program will help you master new technologies for profiling as a globally recognized Salesforce Developer, such as:

    • Problem-solving and analytical skills
    • Agile Methodologies
    • Data modeling
    • Low-code automation
    • Programming languages like Apex(Java-like Salesforce’s programming language), JavaScript, Aura, Salesforce Object Query Language(SOQL), Salesforce Object Search language(SOSL) and Lightning Web Components
    • Unit testing
    • Design patterns
    • APIs and integration
    • DevOps and CI/CD

codeSTREETS F0TH Academy fast tracks your journey to becoming Certified Salesforce Administrator and Certified Salesforce Platform Developer I. Within three months of completing this immersive in-class learning program, you’ll be ready to embrace the prestigious titles, marking a significant milestone in your professional development.

The World at Your Fingertips!

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The Summer ‘24 Edition will take place from 2 April - 1 July 2024.

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