29 July, 2021

Bringing your Customer Service to the next experience level with Service Cloud Einstein
By Gorazd Mamurovski

The essential of good customer service is enabling a stellar customer experience from beginning to end. In fact, customer service is often more important to the consumer than the quality or price of a product. Artificial intelligence is used more and more to enable that stellar customer experience. With AI embedded into a service console, the agents can be empowered with the predictive intelligence needed to drive increased customer satisfaction.

Service Cloud Einstein can contribute to improved customer experience by accelerating case resolution with automatically predicting and populating fields on incoming cases, saving time and reducing repetitive tasks.

    • Reduce handling time by collecting and qualifying customer info for seamless agent handoff.
    • Solve issues faster by giving your agents intelligent, in-context conversation suggestions and knowledge recommendations.
    • Increase call deflection by resolving routine customer requests on real-time digital channels like web and mobile chat or mobile messaging.

When a case is created, Einstein is able to review, classify, and route the case to the suitable service agent. Einstein also guides agents by recommending replies or articles as they interact with the customer. With Einstein, an answer routine can be defined to reply automatically to customers' questions i.e. about their monthly invoice. Upon a case compilation, Einstein will help complete needed fields accurately and consistently.

Each Einstein for Service Cloud feature focuses on a different stage in the Case lifecycle:

    • Einstein Bots – automatically resolve issues based on customer input posted on chat and messaging channels.
    • Einstein Case Classification - based on the customer Case subject and description Einstein predicts field values (i.e. Type,Priority) and helps with classifying an incoming case.
    • Einstein Case Routing – working together with Einstein Case Classification to evaluate the priority and route the case to the right agent or queue.
    • Einstein Reply Recommendations – analyzes chat transcripts to recommend relevant replies during chat and messaging sessions.
    • Einstein Article Recommendations – recommends relevant knowledge articles to agents on open cases.
    • Einstein Next Best Action – assisting agents in taking the best offer and course of action by using data insights and business rules.

Companies can benefit a lot by using the Service Cloud Einstein, by boosting the company efficiency and helping the agent deliver faster, better service which improves customer satisfaction.

codeSTREETS can help you further in exploring the Service Cloud Einstein capabilities, and how those can contribute to your increased growth driven by modernized customer experience.