24 Nov, 2021

You Only Need a Single Exam Attempt to Get a Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certificate. Here is How!

Why is Salesforce so relevant today?

Salesforce® is a cloud-based enterprise platform by Salesforce.com, Inc., a global cloud computing company, technology leader, and giant, that provides easy-to-use Salesforce business applications that help companies create relevant customer experiences by staying connected with customers, prospects, partners, sales, and market services globally.

Why become certified Salesforce Platform Developer 1?

Salesforce Platform Developer 1 (PD1) certification proves the hands-on skills and abilities of the developer and showcases his programmatic capabilities by creating custom Apex code and Lightning Web Applications on the Salesforce Platform. It's an unmissable part to any aspiring developer who is looking to create a successful global Salesforce Developer career.

If you are at the stage where you would like to learn more about the basics of Salesforce Developer, just check this Salesforce Developer Career page on the Salesforce Trailhead site.

Looking even further, becoming a certified Salesforce Developer Platform Developer 1 is the first step that any Salesforce professional needs to take on his journey in developing into a recognized Salesforce Architect.

Starting is easier than you may have thought

If you considered you need to be an expert programmer to start on the journey, the good news is that you were wrong. When you prepare for a Salesforce Platform Developer 1 certificate you are not required to be an expert in programming. The fun part is that you can be a true novice, with beginners knowledge in:

    • Basic knowledge in programming
    • Basic understanding of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
    • Basic knowledge of Java
    • Basic knowledge of Javascript
    • Basic knowledge in HTML & CSS
    • Problem-solving skills
    • Basic understanding of how the Salesforce Platform works

The Journey to Salesforce Platform Developer 1 certificate

Developers who are familiar with Salesforce know about Trailhead, the fun and most importantly FREE way to learn and earn Salesforce Certifications. The fastest and most productive way to earn your Salesforce Platform Developer certification is by taking the Developer trails:

and the Developer Super set:

After completing the trails and the superset you need to test your knowledge by completing the Platform developer 1 Certification Prep trails:

codeSTREETS Young Professional Program

If you are an aspiring developer that still simply enjoys embarking on the PD1 journey actively supported by true Salesforce experts, then joining the codeSTREETS Young Professional Program is the ideal option for you.

Simply connect with us at career@codestreets.com. .

We are looking forward to helping kick start your global Salesforce Developer career.