12 April, 2024

Salesforce Admin-as-a-Service

Entrust the Essentials, Focus on Your Business Vision

by Darko Stavrov

The challenge of staying focused on the business objectives

It’s quite a common scenario, yet not much publicly discussed… All companies adopting Salesforce start experiencing growth in revenue and customer success due to the wealth of features of Salesforce’s Customer Success Platform. The original growth curve, however, often starts plateauing unless companies stay focused on what they do best, their business, rather than the Salesforce technology supporting it.

Managing the Intricacies of Salesforce

Managing Salesforce's intricacies often diverts attention from what drives a business forward. While offering unparalleled customization and functionality, this powerful platform presents a steep learning curve and requires ongoing management to leverage its capabilities fully. The time and resources spent mastering Salesforce's features, keeping up with updates, and ensuring it aligns with business strategies can significantly detract companies from focusing on core business objectives, ultimately impacting their ability to keep the innovation pace and to continue to grow efficiently.

Entrusting the Salesforce Essentials

It takes some boldness, but companies must evaluate the value created by in-house execution of routine, low-added value tasks by a Salesforce Administrator, such as data and user management, system updates, small incremental changes, etc. More often than not, the return on investment for building internal Salesforce Admin capacity is negative, considering the type of activities done vs. the cost of recruitment, hiring, onboarding, training, retention, etc. Also, when such an employee leaves, his/her departure erases the value of the investment in a blink, leaving companies at a standstill and necessitating a restart from scratch. Agile companies address this challenge by taking the same approach for all non-core business activities and entrusting the Salesforce Essentials to a third party whose core business model is focused on providing expert Salesforce services. These third-party organizations provide reliable and expert Salesforce Admin services, including regular system health checks, data cleaning, technical issue support, and new releases, next to the regular business support expected.

Establishment of Salesforce Admin-as-a-Service

Responding to Market Demand

Salesforce Admin-as-a-Service is the response to the market demand created by agile companies that realize the investment in core business know-how is what makes them differentiate on the market, preparing them for the next wave of future growth. These agile companies embraced the Salesforce Admin-as-a-Service concept, designed to offer businesses access to expert Salesforce Admin support without the complexities of internally building and maintaining (yet another) non-core business expertise capacity. This model provides the most cost-effective solution for managing Salesforce solutions, however simple or complex.

“Under the hood” of Salesforce Admin-as-a-Service

Companies are often surprised when they realize the wealth of administrative services covered by Salesforce Admin-as-a-Service.

Account Management User Training Troubleshooting
User Management Salesforce Adoption Progress Technical Support
Security & Access Management Database Management Package Management
Data Cleansing Data Import/Export System Checkups
Data Fixes Reports & Dashboards Adaptation Ad-Hoc Consulting
Flow Automation Page Layouts Adaptation Structured Consulting

Flex Capacity as a main appealing factor of Salesforce Admin-as-a-Service

The demand for Salesforce administrative services drops significantly following a successful implementation of the Salesforce solution. The pattern is the same irrespective of the size of the company.

    • Smaller companies may need only one day a week of such services, equivalent to 0.2 full-time employees.

    • Medium companies may need an equivalent of 0.6 full-time employees.

    • A large one may need an equivalent of 2.5 full-time employees.

In all the scenarios, hiring a full-time Salesforce Administrator leads to a negative return on investment. The flexibility in Salesforce Admin capacity that companies can rent is an undeniable value factor when considering Salesforce Admin-as-a-Service. The fact that companies can scale up/down this capacity anytime makes the model even more appealing, allowing companies to remain in full control of their spending (whether in growth or recession times).

Salesforce Admin-as-a-Service is here to stay.

The establishment of Salesforce Admin-as-a-Service is a result of market demand. It is an evolutionary step for companies adopting Salesforce, moving the focus from technology experts to value outcomes: consistent, predictable, and affordable. It is especially valid for all non-core business frequent, routine, essential Salesforce administrative tasks that divert the business from what truly matters: focusing on the business vision. The more the realization sinks in, the more companies embrace the Salesforce Admin-as-a-Service as a valuable engagement model to support their next growth cycle.

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